AgateChain. Decentralized platform blockin for instant payment without any risk of volatility for the introduction of cryptophlebia.

AgateChain is a new decentralized blockchain with a comprehensive crypto infrastructure for everyday banking and trading transactions. It boasts the highest (instant) transaction speed on the market as well as very cheap transaction fees. 


Since after the creation of this infrastructure will include a user-oriented application, smartbot-AI for optimal trading, vendor-oriented application, API platform, stable coin, plugins, physical POS terminal and debit withdrawal capabilities-it will be a gateway with the ability to connect to the crypto economy of millions of physical stores, online sellers, users and developers. 


In addition, this ecosystem will be fueled by the AGT token, which will have several sources of sustainable income.

Agate is a full Suite of decentralized blockchain with two mobile applications, an ecosystem, API Suite, plugins and a physical POS terminal that works as a comprehensive crypto infrastructure for day-to-day banking, and a gateway to bring together millions of developers, users, as well as stores and online merchants with crypto Economics. It consists of several modules and objects, which are supported by the AGT token, which, in turn, has more than 10 channels that are resistant to use and income generation. An important feature of Agate is that most of its modules are already built and running or have beta versions and will be completed soon.


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