Airsave Travel is a decentralized application (DApp) that will be built in 2018. It is a one-click technology that does not require login or installation. 

Airsave Travel uses the blockchain technology for a smooth attract, authentication and remuneration of all users in their ecosystem who want to save money and earn money for their travels. Test us for free by saving in crypto-points - before you save a small amount of money each month, with our new cryptocurrency: AirsaveCoins (ASTC) or fiat. You'll see how easily crypto points can triple your real earnings while simultaneously tracking both virtual and real balances in real time. 

Using existing concept Airsave (currently available in the App Store), along with the blockchain technology and open source, you can use your network of friends to make money on all your travels.


Airsave Travel is not a travel organization company. We are a social saving platform designed to help people save and earn for travels. With Airsave Travel Coin (ASTC), users can get better decentralization, transparency, privacy, cost efficiency and the opportunity to use our token to save and earn money for travel. The Airsave Travel DApp (which is being built in 2018), allows better network participation. Our platform is designed for users to experience a meaningful, consistent, and more reliable way of saving and earning for travel. Before we proceed further into the broader and more technical aspect of our platform, some terms will be repeated for reference in this paper that needs to be clearly defined. Knowing these terms will help you have a better understanding of how the Airsave Travel platform operates. The words are outlined below:

Blockchain: A blockchain is a distributed transaction ledger containing bits of information called ‘blocks.’ It is a method of storing and processing data that has taken the world by storm because of its unmatched security potential. Unlike regular centralized storage, information on a blockchain, it is not stored in a single location but somewhat present in every single client making transaction the blockchain network, where it is updated continuously. This means that once information is stored on a blockchain, it is effectively impossible to alter, as the technology to compromise millions of users at once and gain access to specific information does not yet exist. Thus, transactions conducted on blockchain networks are essentially immutable and impervious to interference.

Cryptocurrency: A cryptocurrency is a representation of a digital asset which is stored on a blockchain. Unlike regular (fiat) currencies, cryptocurrencies are not centrally issued or managed, and they contain no information that can be used to identify individual users. The types and applications of cryptocurrencies vary, but the cryptocurrency discussed in this paper, that is Airsave Travel Coin (ASTC), is based on the Airsave Travel platform’s business operation. Unlike BTC and ETH, which are general-purpose cryptocurrencies, ASTC is currently only traded on the Airsave Travel platform.

Fiat Currency: A fiat currency, money most people are familiar with, i.e., issued and backed by a government institution and regulated by a central bank. Unlike cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies (even when stored electronically), contain identifying information and are stored in centralized silos, making them a constant target for hackers and fraudsters. 


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