Alpha-X is a completely new generation cryptocurrency based on Scrypt with a full network of Proof of Stake (POS). Transactions made over the Alpha-X blockchain network are instant, almost real-time, completely anonymous and private, also very secure, the entire operation is done through a decentralized p2p architecture managed by Alpha-X. 


The goal is to make cryptocurrency the same as virtual cash (plastic cards), which can provide liquidity and utility in the market in real time in the market.


Alpha-X the agenda is to change the whole face of service tokens, using blockchain technology to overcome the historical shortcomings of the traditional system. When this technology will be combined with an intuitive user interface and horrificaly, a new level of confidence and enthusiasm will be generated among the community, the cryptocurrency, as well as the outside world to use and create new confidence and excitement for a new ecosystem of useful era.


Alpha-X exchange would be the first project from Alpha-X coin. A crypto to fiat

exchange launched at global scale. The exchange will be adding up to 100 fiat to crypto pairs starting from USD to ensure the global liquidity crypto-currencies, also it will help the market to triplicate its trade volume if such huge number of fiat market opens and merges in with Crypto world. We will be launching Alpha-X mobile exchange at later stage and unlike others this app would be as simple as using mobile banking. The currency exchange will be running over the protocols of (SaaS Platform) Software as a Service to ensure the best deliveries.


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