Arcona is an information space that unites virtual and real worlds into a single ecosystem. It is based on a platform that creates a link layer of augmented reality with natural markers on the surface of the earth for remote positioning and management of virtual content. This layer, or" Digital earth", is directly linked to the real landscape by geospatial data. Digital earth has natural limits: 12% of the land, mastered by mankind. This scarce asset is a commodity and the basis of the economy of the ecosystem. 

The infrastructure of the Arcona ecosystem includes a digital land ownership register as well as any digital assets within the platform. It is built on the principles of blockchain architecture, and is a peer-to-peer network for user interaction. 

Arcona is a system for remote positioning and management of augmented reality content. You will be able to remotely place your installations anywhere on the planet. You will have access to places with large tourist traffic, where you will place the whole virtual worlds, merged with the real space. 

It is planned to open a marketplace portal where manufacturers and buyers can exchange resources, paying for them with internal tokens of the platform. The portal will primarily sell content, software and Digital land. 

Smart contract based on blockchain technology will give each content and program code Creator a guarantee of protection of their copyrights and automatic payment for the use of their intellectual property. Also, the rights of content owners and land owners will be protected by the smart contract.


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