Autobay is the first Ethereum-based blockchain-based e-Commerce platform that allows users to sell, buy, and auction cars using cryptocurrency as a payment method. Autobay will become the largest automotive environment in the world, the main purpose of which is to create legitimacy for the cryptocurrency market, allowing the use of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Autobay Tokens (ABX) as a financial asset to purchase goods. 

Autobay is a decentralized e-Commerce platform that enables users to promote their vehicles for General online review, so that users from all over the world buy such cars using cryptocurrency as a payment method. Autobay creates significantly simplified and secure the purchase of a car. 

The platform will provide transparency of the purchase process, as each individual transaction will be held thanks to the blockchain technology, creating a record of ownership confirmation and recording all the data of the transaction, creating a record of the features of the car, which will allow future buyers to track the history of the cars, participating in a safe process.


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