AVAILCOM. Blockchain platform for automation of real estate and car rental

AvailCom is a platform based on the principles of equality of participants and technology blockchain. Blockchain technology has been developing for the last nine years quite a successfully, thousands of projects involved in all spheres of life work with its help

men's. For example, the cryptocurrency market shows significant growth on the basis of the system blockchain. The development and popularity of cryptocurrencies is close to what will go into everyday the everyday life of the population. Bitcoin became the first blockchain-based platform in 2008 year.

The AvailCom platform has set itself the task of uniting private companies and individuals engaged in the rental of real estate and vehicles on the basis of a single platform running on blockchain technology and combining them into a single service.

AvailCom will be one of the first platforms to collect all the popular services in one place. This will contribute to their accessibility to the population. It is planned to introduce method of payment for all types of services by available means, including cryptocurrencies through own payment system AvailPay. This will provide the service with additional development and

profit. The purpose of the innovative blockchain platform is the availability of the rental market for all layers

population, improving the convenience of service and security of transactions for both parties. AvailCom today, it not only supports these functions, but also develops new additional ones opportunities, using technological innovations and corporate standards.

The AvailCom platform is an international real estate market project. We use own developments that are designed to provide users with decentralized platform and standard voting features. With this features they will be able to use and manage the platform by voting participants,  which hold AVL tokens.


An important point in the development of the platform was the understanding of the basic working conditions the current market of services and the formation of a number of values that contribute to increase the competitiveness of the platform.

The developers of the service are open for cooperation not only for investors, but also for partners cooperation within B2B, which directly depends on the demand for the platform and its market positioning, and, of course, always open to customers.

The scope of work is focused not only on the classical lease of movable and real estate, as well as Keyless access to facilities, simplifying the system rents. Joint directions will help the project to develop, and will give a lot of advantages all the platform.


Official website:  https://availcom.io/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qYe9q30CREdHA20hRyUZMb6wlW1gMNhC/view

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