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Bet on Chart is a unique platform that combines highly profitable sports betting in the game with the dynamics of a live match. Modern technologies and the latest achievements in the field of AI allow the company to recreate a football match in the form of a chart that moves up or down depending on the current situation on the ground. While regular bets (as well as its in-game version) revolve around the match result, they offer the ability to bet literally on everything that happens during a live game, by making decisions per second. This includes goals, passes, tackle, throws, attacks, penalties, etc.


Real match data from hundreds of scouts, as well as other sources, are carefully analyzed by our special algorithms. 

With the help of Deep Learning algorithms, the company's system creates a chart that shows the advantage of a particular team. Each pass, kick or rails controls the up and down diagram, depending on which team performs the action. 

Users place bets by choosing the direction, size and time frame. You can set up and bet with one finger. 

The winners receive payments during the match, without waiting for its end. In Singleplayer mode, users play with fixed odds against the bookmaker, while in Multiplayer the odds are dynamic with the pool syste.


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