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BetinReal is the world's first AR / VR gaming solution based on blockchain technology. We've combined gambling and social gaming to provide players with an exceptional experience the way they want it. At any time and in any place. BetinReal was founded by the best talents in gaming, gaming, cryptocurrency and technology fields. The company used a variety of technologies to make casino games social, interactive, exciting, reliable and honest. Focus on the players ' needs and preferences to bring them an experience they never had.


Existing online casinos based on blockchains have serious drawbacks - expensive and delayed transactions that negatively affect the user experience.


The company aims to create BetInReal as a platform that is used to interact with friends or communicate with new acquaintances from around the world, both via virtual and augmented reality. This is ensured by the complex blockchain architecture and its solutions - BetChannels. This ensures an instant and fair distribution of winnings. It also gives users the opportunity to enjoy a transparent gambling process.


The company is proud to present the BetInReal app, and recommend creating your own gaming reality in the comfort of your own home or even outdoors - anytime, anywhere. BetInReal MVP is available for download through the Apple Store and Google Play. The bir token is a game currency VR / AR with a set of useful functions. The bir token allows instant payment processing, micropayments for personalized VR options and access to exclusive deals and more. The community is an important part of the project and its long-term success. Therefore, BetInReal allocates at least 11% of the turnover in the Game Fund. Game Game ensures and builds confidence between the players. Bir token holders have the right to join the Stacking Pool. Despite the popularity of these entertainment industries among all age groups,


In accordance with the development of the BetInReal platform, unique VR / AR solutions are created, which have significant commercial potential. These solutions can be customized and applied in a variety of business situations or rebranded for specific gambling markets. BetInReal is significantly expanding its user customization and adaptability to personal preferences with the introduction of the game market for visual content.


The platform will profit from home, content market, White label solutions and secondary revenue streams. As a legitimate service provider, BetInReal gives priority to financial and social responsibility. The platform allocates a percentage of revenue from gambling to non-governmental organizations, protecting the interests of players.


BetInReal combines online gambling with blockchain-based honesty, instant cryptographic transactions and virtual / augmented reality technology into a single platform to create a unique gambling solution. Beenready the platform includes a social gaming experience, which will provide full personalization and participation.

From now on, players have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite social games and casino experience in a single network. The company is building a global community of developers and players from North America to Asia-Pacific.


Using the most advanced technologies of virtual reality (VR) , BetInReal blurs the boundaries between real casino and online gambling.

Platform BetInReal will have three major gambling-related product based on the technology VR / AR. Players using the BetInReal mobile app have the opportunity to build a real casino anywhere. Platform features

along with the latest VR technology, which allows the player, with

VR headset help, to be taken to the most modern world. Only with VR headset, BetInReal platform users has the ability to immerse themselves in the world of online gambling, which will offer the newest and most realistic gambling solutions. There are two key separate VR features that consist of 3D gambling elements of the world and a live dealer . In the 3D world, players can find a hologram

on the basis of traditional betting services, to the section of the slot machine dates and other social events.


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