BeTOK. The blockchain-based market place of people's digital activities.

#be is the trademark of BE Energy International Sagl (the "Company"), a technology venture based in Switzerland.

The company has been implementing and testing user-centric profiling solutions since end of 2016 in the european market and Asia. Since the beginning, the main idea of the founders was that profiling should be a useful tool for people, a

tool fully respecting their privacy and their capability to control their data.

In this initial phase (late 2016 to present) we have been applying our profiling technology in specific verticals of interest with specialized users communities. The key aim was to establish how the personalization of a user’s content experience, combined with a reward mechanism based on online and off line activities, could generate greater engagement.

We tested our solution in areas like Healthcare, Sport and HR (usage of profiling technology in training pathways or in companies’ internal communication strategies).

We have ongoing projects ready to go with several hundred thousands users in medical sector, sports (e.g running, golf, basketball, etc.) and business (from automotive industry to insurance one).

We are now ready ready to adopt blockchain to solve identified market inefficiencies and boost users adoption.


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