BIDIUM Revolutionizing Auction And Freelance Hiring With A Crypto Exchange Powered By Blockchain

BIDIUM will provide customers the opportunity to buy only through trading with cryptocurrency exchange and freelancing platform where employers can hire freelancers with coins, such as Bidium, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., which will be announced at a later stage. Thus, the structure of the Bidium market consists of networks of various technical devices that will give investors the opportunity to take advantage of the market without a centralized location. In a decentralized market, buyers will be given access to various price offers and will be given the opportunity to deal directly with sellers. BIDIUM is offered as a fully decentralized exchange using an already existing blockchain application. Each individual Auction and Freelance platform user will have their own copy of the data. BIDIUM token can be transferred to two other parties as payment for goods and services after the offer. Transactions will be performed by customers at their convenience in the market; cryptocurrency can also be sold to the company's market makers for cash.