Bitdraw. A new smart blockchain based lottery draw platform powered by AI. will Platform smart lottery lottery designed for $103 billion industry that will replace the traditional methods of lottery using destructive technology that provides 100% safety of the consumers. BitDraw solution will solve three main problems for the business, individuals and consumers of the lottery industry: eliminate large fees, guarantee security of the facility and ensure 100% anonymous transactions. BitDraw will be managed by entrepreneurs and businessmen from the lottery industry. 


BitDraw will provide the user with the ability to use the platform in a number of ways, from choosing lucky tickets, asking for donations or paying out and advertising to sponsors. The project aims to overcome bureaucratic and economic obstacles within this industry and reward users for easy use of the platform.

This is the first Platform that will be entirely devoted to replacing the traditional method of winning lotteries around the world.

BitDraw will become a new reference point for the lottery market and will be fully developed using blockchain technology. Using blockchain gives BitDraw s means to be decentralized and more communities compared to its traditional competitors. Consumers must be in the country if they want to participate in any kind of lottery. Bitdraw goals how to solve this problem 

and for all by creating a decentralized platform with full transparency and quality audit.


A holistic approach and choice is given to the consumer, choose a monthly draw, choose lucky numbers and a chance to become a monthly millionaire. Protecting users ' privacy, the Platform allows you to reserve winning numbers and participate in the draw.

Ethereum differs from Bitcoin in that it allows you to create smart contracts that can be described as highly programmable digital money. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is not only a network for exchanging monetary value, but a network for launching contracts based on Ethereum.


Using the Ethereum blockchain, BTDW community will be able to

payments are safe and fast, thus eliminating annoying problems and slowness of Fiat currencies.

BitDraw is a long-term project, all our calculations have been done to guarantee "uninterrupted" production flow.

Our token will be important for,

• Sponsorship

• Making a donation 

• Purchase the song

• Vote

• Buy tickets

• Purchasing trading.


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