BrainerZ The First Blockchain Playground for Social Games

BrainerZ is the world's first gaming platform, based on knowledge, working on the blockchain that enables users worldwide to compete in the micro-games based on skills and earn tokens BRNZ. BrainerZ - "skill-based Playground", where the gain depends on knowledge, skills and curiosity.


The BrainerZ platform uses an interactive feed with various social games designed for groups, individuals and peer-to-peer competitors. This allows users to play high-level games with skills, strategy and knowledge and gives them the opportunity to get brnz tokens - cryptocurrencies that run the BrainerZ platform. Blockchain supports the platform BrainerZ and has the confidence, transparency and cost, which is facing the crypto-community.


BrainerZ a leading online gaming platform and a pioneer in the world of blocking and cryptotermes. BrainerZ-block-game-platform aimed at destroying the knowledge-based gaming industry, from the classic little things that we all love in today's games on the web and mobile platforms.


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