Bravo. Send and receive instant,secure, anonymous payments with the power  of blockchain.

BRAVO Pay was established 3 years ago to expand the financial opportunities for artists, professionals, services and micro-merchants who too often miss the tip because most of us no longer carry cash, while other platforms do not support instant, secure and anonymous payments.

BRAVO Pay has built an explosive new generation micropayments platform that requires simplicity, privacy and anonymity. Using proximity (via GPS) or simply searching, BRAVO Pay already facilitates thousands of daily micropayments between users; all without sharing personal information (without an email address, phone number or account details). And we're growing fast!

Since the beginning of 2017, BRAVO Pay has started its evolution in Blockchain to improve the security, transparency and anonymity of payments, as well as the ability to use cryptocurrencies for daily transactions.


BRAVO’s technology is a market pioneer for mobile anonymous, private and secure payments executed seamlessly by finding the person you want to pay nearby or via search of username or alias without exchanging personal information, just a payment. BRAVO’s foundation and strengths are based on our ability to translate the blockchain integration into a simple user experience and our fundamental understanding of privacy and security. We rely on our community of active users, our team and innovative technology.

To accomplish this, BRAVO will release BVO Coin with a blockchain network to support the token. Anyone can join and participate in the BRAVO Blockchain and will be able to send funds from one party to another using BVO Coin regardless of location. Transactions will complete quickly and will cost a fraction of a cent. Using a blockchain token has proven to be difficult for most people, requiring access to lengthy keys through a non-user-friendly interface. BRAVO has addressed this difficulty by integrating the BVO Coin into the BRAVO app and providing hosted wallets that allow users to easily interact with the BVO Coin. Hosted wallets allow BRAVO to make the user experience seamless and intuitive while allowing users to take control of their BVO Coins through a personal wallet. Typically, sending funds to another party via blockchain is a perilous process requiring users to know the destination wallet address, a jumble of incomprehensible numbers and letters. By integrating BRAVO Blockchain in the BRAVO app, it will be easy to find friends and vendors without the intricacies of complex keys and addresses, yet still maintain the safety of blockchain technology. Finally, current blockchain technologies make recovering a lost password near impossible with a potential risk of losing cryptocurrency and assets. BRAVO has made the process seamless with a secure and simple access code. 


One of the main goals of BRAVO is to make tipping and paying for goods and services easy for customers and vendors while offering unparalleled security and privacy. BRAVO already has success in local markets with their currently available BRAVO App. To expand their reach globally while still providing a cost-effective solution to payments and sending funds, BRAVO will be augmenting and evolving their existing P2P platform to include blockchain technologies to create a next generation peer-to-peer payment platform that will provide faster transfer times, lower costs and strong anonymity with incognito transactions.


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