Cardium BURN ' N'EARN

The epidemic of overweight and obesity is gaining momentum every year, especially in developed countries. Unfortunately, it is not easy to make people go to the gym, it is a very serious problem. According to scientists, by 2025 this disease will affect one fifth of the world's population. Lack of motivation, compassion and harmful effects of society have a very strong impact on people who follow an unhealthy life plan. Cardium offers its motivation for everyone to be rewarded for any athletic activity - from the highest intensity to even modest exercise. Lack of motivation and low knowledge about sports are the main obstacles to attracting people to sports, so far nothing has been done to solve this problem. Cardium project aims to change this situation. A key element of the ecosystem is Cardium fitness tracker. In addition to the main goals, such as social security and public health care, Cardium solves one of the problems of the crypto industry - the promotion of cryptocurrency.