CCECOIN. Peer-to-peer trading ecosystem.

CCE ECOSYSTEM LIMITED ("CCE") has a diverse range of investments and business interests, mainly located in the Southeast Asian region, and operates both at the local government level and with various business associations throughout the region.

A key area of development of the CCE business network is to encourage and stimulate further business growth in the Southeast Asian region through the introduction of a trade network based on blockchain technology between local suppliers and various customers. Official website:


CCE is building an extensive trading network or ecosystem based on blockchain technology with an initial launch planned for the entire Southeast Asian region in 2019. The ecosystem is based on the integration of trading parties in a fully decentralized and transparent trading process using peer-to-peer networks. CCE has developed and implements CCECOIN in ecosystem payment system and the environment exchange using CCECOIN. The CCE ecosystem will provide an extensive platform and payment mechanism that will facilitate regional trade with a focus on merchants and the further development of unique product offerings from the Southeast Asian region.


The goal, from the CCECOIN project itself, is to create a trading platform using blockchain technology, in which CCECOIN is actively promoted and used for trading purposes within our own ecosystem.

CCECOINS facilitate trade between sellers and buyers, reducing trade costs and ensuring efficient payment processing. But, more than just providing General support the growth of the business across the region and facilitate trade with CCECOIN, CCE actively the development of a wide community of buyers and sellers by implementing a model of direct prodaji in specific markets of food products luxury-further reducing the cost of the supply chain. Buyers or sellers can buy and sell on the blockchain in a transparent and open way within the CCE ecosystem - a trading system using CCECOIN - will soon be promoted in the region.


CCECOIN is a new offer in the altcoins market that can be exchanged for all accepted cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies within its own ecosystem. The company offers merchant services such as group purchases, e-Commerce platform, intercompany deals and opportunities to purchase everyday items such as food, household items, and even gasoline. The ecosystem will create demand for our CCECOIN for both individuals and institutions. Ecosystem CCECOIN can be exchanged for Fiat currency on CCECOIN. It's a flexible platform.

CCECOIN is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is currently the most accepted blockchain, and with the upcoming platform upgrades, the blockchain continues to become easier to use for quick access and increased security. Ethereum Foundation recently signed with the Russian Central Bank to accept Ethereum as the preferred platform for cryptocurrency in Russia.

While there are many other blockchain technologies such as NEO and WAVE, the CCE intends to use Ethereum as a base platform thanks to its growth and wide acceptance in many countries. In addition, Ethereum provides outstanding blockchain technology that runs exactly as programmed, has no downtime, fraud or third party interaction, and more then, allows the execution of peer-to-peer contracts on decentralized Ledger systems to produce complete accuracy when registering transactions. Blockchain, with its strong security, is now widely accepted by global businesses.


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