Coinolix Crypto Currency Exchange

Coinolix exchange provides a wide range of ERC20 cryptocurrencies. Easy to use user interface in combination with high-performance engine.

Coinolix exchange follows best practice by keeping most of the asset reserve in cold storage that is not on a web server or any other computer to protect the user Fund on the exchange wallet.

Token holders can use the CLX token to pay almost all kinds of fees, including trading fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees. CLX token holders benefit from a buyback and record program that reduces the total number of tokens.

The matching engine of the Coinolix Exchange is fit for managing 1,200,000 order per second. High number of trade requests can be countered with the adaptable and extensible engine in a matter of moments. Along these lines, our matching engine can stand up for itself with one of the quickest and most secure engine available in current market.Thus, traders can be saved from basic issues like stuck trading requests or tedious handling of the trades.

At coinolix, we are developing the first multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem by combining a reliable exchange platform and a decentralized blockchain Protocol, in which digital tokens are tied to one us dollar and secured by a reserve of assets in gold on the Coinolix exchange.

Societies provide a decentralized way to exchange value

Fiat tied the coin Coinamia. 


In today's market, there are two types of exchanges based on Fiat currency exchange and pure cryptocurrency based exchange. Focus on the net exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Fiat pegged cryptocurrency solution-Coinamia Fiat coin (USD C)

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency design based on consensus 'proof of stake' for network security. USDC each coin issued is backed one to one ratio (i.e. one USDC one dollar), an appropriate amount of assets deposited coinolix Limited. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for the underlying asset leaving the following conditions Coinolix exchange limited service. It will be portable and consumable, almost the same as some other cryptocurrencies.


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