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CoTrader - Uber investment funds and ZHIVAETSJA ETH on Mainnet. This is the world's first block-network of investment funds, democratizing the investment industry worth 85 trillion dollars. Anyone can create or join cryptodome hedge Fund, to establish a Commission and to see the last return of funds. Investors called cotraders can invest in the best Fund managers called traders without sending traders their crypto assets. Investors can withdraw their assets from any Fund at any time. Competitive prizes of investors help to find the best traders and pay up to 100 US dollars for 100 thousand dollars. All proceeds from contests will redeem COT tokens to pay out awarded prizes on tokens to help discover and follow the best new Fund managers in the world.


Investors called cotraders can invest in the best Fund managers called traders without sending traders their crypto assets. CoTrader separates the management of funds from the guardianship. For the first time in history, investors can withdraw their assets from any Fund at any time. The platform will allow you to use the whitelist for matching.


CoTrader supports Ethereum ERC20 tokens and its plan is to support all cryptocurrencies and ICOS as well as stocks, shorts, derivatives as soon as possible and can forge all assets on any exchange, from Binance to Ameritrade, through its intelligent escrow Protocol.


CoTrader allows everyone to test and prove themselves as the best investors as they create a performance history. Powerful men have an incentive to compete and aboard cotraders because it reinforces and multiplies their profits.


CoTrader aims to become the world's largest trading market for investment funds by democratization, decentralization and destruction of archaic and non-transparent international funds and commercial industries in the amount of 85 billion US dollars with transparency, security and blockchain power. 


CoTrader solves the problem of the complexity of the investments and supports any licenzirovanie assets such as real estate, cars, etc. CoTrader will also support neokeynesian assets by tokenization of all the exchanges during the stock, options and other derivative instruments, while ensuring transparency, security and proof of ROI, provide bloccano. 

CoTrader is building the world's first decentralized platform that allows users to invest and manage funds. These funds, known as" Smart funds", are managed by managers who trade assets on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Successful managers receive a percentage of the earned profit for their investors. Investors are still in control of their money and can enter and exit any Fund at any time. 

Smart contracts guarantee each user that only they can withdraw their funds and that managers can only accept agreed rewards from earnings verified on the blockchain. 


CoTrader's proprietary privacy system, which preserves smart Fund algorithms, can hide traders 'and managers' trading strategies while still publicly proving the profitability of their anonymous funds on the blockchain. 

Since CoTrader is managed by smart contracts, Fund managers have the right to enter ICO and PreICO within their portfolios to take advantage of early discounts for groups that many ICOS offer. 

Thus, CoTrader is also the world's first "ICO futures"market. This is due to the fact that the smart funds that will receive the distributed token-ICO in the future, may be sold. This means that if the Fund Manager attracts investors to the ICO, and some investors want to liquidate their shares, which include future ICO tokens, they can exchange them within the Fund.


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