Crypt ON. Synergy of Different Business on One Single Platform.

Crypt-on is a multi-service p2p platform for secure and secure transactions based on smart contracts. In addition to the escrow service, the Crypt-on ecosystem includes the p2p lending service, the crypto-reflexive market and the local exchange p2p crypto exchange. Crypt - on is designed for a wide range of users-from novice crypto enthusiasts and freelancers to trading platforms and blockchain project managers. Using various Crypt-on services, it will be easy to buy and sell goods, apply for loans, look for work or hire professionals and exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat. All operations of the platform users are stored in smart contracts. The reputation of users will be determined using the smart-contract token token mechanism. All user actions, the results of the transaction, reviews, etc. will Affect their rating. In fact, a trust token is a cryptographically secure reliability / reliability rating of each user in the Crypt-on system and is stored in a smart contract. There is another security feature to protect our users: an independent arbitration system that is becoming increasingly independent from the development of the current project and ultimately forms a full-fledged community in which the DAO delegates will act as judges. Building a DAO on the Foundation of the platform is an important task for the Crypt-on team. Thus, many tasks related to the development of the platform, improvement of functionality, increase of the user base and management of legal issues will be performed by the community itself. The mission of the Crypt-on project is to create a global workspace for reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation of cryptosystems worldwide. Point I-Point (IPT) is a utility token, a universal way to calculate any transaction on the p2p Crypt - on platform. In addition, the use of IPT provides a 50 percent discount on payment services, insurance transactions, access to employment through the crypto market and a rapid growth in user ratings.


Crypt-on is a P2P platform built on blockchain technology to enable secure and secure cryptocurrency trading.

Crypt - on is designed for a wide range of users-from novice crypto enthusiasts and freelancers to investors and blockchain project managers. It's a place where people meet, make deals, get loans for their projects, exchange digital assets for money, and look for jobs or performers to accomplish their tasks using cryptocurrency for payments.


The Crypt-on platform provides users with access to 4 services:

- A service that assists in secure transactions through an independent arbitrator (escrow). It provides the ability to conduct any type of secure trading using cryptocurrency. Transaction insurance will serve as an additional protection of the interests of all parties.

- Service to assist in finding and obtaining loans (p2p lending). This makes it possible to borrow / lend in cryptocurrencies on mutually beneficial terms without the participation of an intermediary. The use of a rating system that determines the level of reliability of potential borrowers will reduce the number of minimum values to a minimum.

- Service that can help you find a job / professionals (crypto-freelance work exchange). It provides independent cryptographic professionals with the ability to search for remote work as well as companies or projects - the ability to hire such professionals. The parties can directly agree on the implementation of various types of work, using cryptocurrency in their calculations.

- Support members of the platform, P2P encryption, without intermediaries. It enables users to exchange crypto-currencies direct money directly to each other without an intermediary, using geo-targeting to search for contractors in your area.


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