As a contributor will benefit from the ecosystem: the CMC block under the POC has a Protocol that rewards all CMC owners with 20% of all network fees and each company that will create their smart contracts on C-Chain, a Protocol that will build in reserve 5% of the total number of companies for the cmc holder. In addition, the CMC will become a full-fledged STO, which, like any traditional business, CMC owners and investors have the right to receive income and voting rights. CMC will not only provide services and support to existing chain manufacturing companies, but also to existing core companies. Being a full-fledged environmental system, all services will be created, starting with the creation of tokens on our platform, and then the company can offer full STO support to help raise funds for companies as well as promotional packages, and once their STO runs out.


Crypto Market Cloud Eco-System as three main goals:


1. To decentralize the provision of services CMC, moving from a global infrastructure that is controlled by a small group gipersecrethornykh service providers, to the infrastructure peer-based chain, which employs millions of small individual suppliers, and investors of resources of CMC.

2. To facilitate the use of professional CMC services for all levels of web users, turning such services into a marketable product that is universally accessible and used by the General public.

3. Monetize a new decentralized ecosystem of CMC services with a special cryptocurrency managed by an intelligent contract that enables automated and reliable reconciliation of payments between all CMC partner service providers. The company has already reached the first stage by setting up a simplified setup and configuration of CMC services that can be easily operated by even the most novice network users.


As a second phase Crypto Market Cloud Eco-System intends to facilitate the creation of a global decentralized placement of CMC, enabling applications on the basis of the CMC auto-scale to millions of service providers of CMC, which are actually private individuals who contribute small portions of their excess houses. Icy computer resources, C part of the crypto Market Cloud block network (thus creating a new CMC) and receiving a steady income from the provider.


The Ethereum Blockchain-Crypto Market Cloud TOKEN is intended to become the standard currency for the emerging decentralized crypto Market Cloud ecosystem, which regulates proportional payments based on contributions, clearing and distribution of financial benefits for new CMC role players.


CMC Ecosystem has been designed with the interests of investors in mind, investing in CMC, you will be part of all its products and part of the entire ecosystem, all profits will be beneficial to the investor. 5% of the evry company that joined CMC Ecosystem, 20% of the total network transaction, a percentage of the CMC ecosystem based on your investment and income based on your investment.


Ecosystem functioning, CMC will be equipped with token utilities CMC. This token will also serve as a payment for all related services to be issued within the ecosystem. Therefore, investors and businesses will use the CMC token. Creating a token on this Blockchain will give users the benefit of using the entire ecosystem of the system, but is not limited to using it, however lists are guaranteed and included in the price if the full service is used.


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