CRYPTONITY. The Crypto Community Exchange.

 Cryptonity is a combination of two words: Crypto and Community.

The purpose Cryptonity - exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency Community. The company is committed to providing the market with the most complete, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform.

 Cryptonity want to bring good names to the crypto world, breaking the "just started" policy of most exchanges.

At Cryptonity, you realize the time, self-investment, passion and hard work of the project as it requires.

Current exchanges, including those that have been on the market for a long time, can be improved in many ways. 

Cryptonity has the knowledge and skills necessary to build

cryptocurrency exchanges.

 Users / customers are those who use tools, trust to keep their money safe, and thus help us build reputation and credibility in the market. They therefore deserve to be listened to and treated with caution.

 Cryptonity is committed to providing the most complete, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platforms on the market.

One of the key aspects of the project is safety. We want to provide users with the most secure trading platforms. We guarantee users a safe trading experience, for which we will set up an insurance policy to return to users in case of losses due to an attack. 

Another very important aspect is the interaction with users. We strive to have various communication channels open for interaction with users, and will respond to user requests as soon as possible. "Feature Request ” the feature will be implemented for users to present the features they would like to see on the platform.


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