DarcMatter. Creating Transparency in Financial Services via Blockchain

DarcMatter is the first decentralized global platform for the alternative investment industry. It is a fully operational global platform that allows investors around the world to access alternative Fund asset classes in a transparent and secure way. 

DarcMatter already has a global presence and its services are used by more than 24 different countries. Given the global representation and use of DM, the team aims to create platform solutions that use advanced technology. 

A distributed registry of which it develops DarcMatter, has the ability to transform multi-million dollar industry in a transparent, safe and with a high level of trust on an unprecedented level of industry. In addition, the introduction of blockchain technology into the alternative investment industry will have much broader consequences and opportunities: 

- Seamless cross-border investment opportunities. 

- Track documentation to receive confirmation from all persons involved in the process and login. 

- Additional classes of assets easily shared across the vertical investors. 

Key features DarcMatter: 

- Global Accolades: Awards in the nomination leading FINTECH Platform from more than 4 countries. 

- Global investor coverage: 1,300 investors (institutional, expert advisors and individuals) are using the platform as a source of new investment opportunities. 

- Expanding global access: 150 + funds on the platform with total funds under management of $ 10 billion. 

- Global team: award-winning team and highly qualified investors and advisors.


Official website: https://dmc.darcmatter.com/


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