DEXAGE. Multi-Tier Trading Ecosystem

DexAge is a decentralized P2P crypto-exchange, cryptocurrency trading, p2p lending and chat platform in DAPP that uses a user-centric approach, the entire platform will be managed by the social network.


DexAge aims to make the p2p platform an Autonomous ecosystem where users, traders and investors will serve as fuel, not just as nuts and bolts of the platform. The real growth and development of DXG is to empower its stakeholders who are committed to achieving the company through the multi-purpose functionality of the DexAge tokens. By providing users with the ability to bid, vote, pay loans and manage their assets in a decentralized marketplace of exchange, trading and lending, the ultimate game is designed for DXG and its stakeholders to thrive with the proliferative potential of cryptocurrencies.

Providing users with the ability to bid, vote, pay back loans and manage their assets on a decentralized exchange, trade and lend to the marketplace, the ultimate game for DXG and its users to thrive with the proliferative potential of cryptocurrencies.

The DXG trading infrastructure is strengthened by synthesizing a distributed blockchain with a decentralized social network and foreshadows a socio-economic paradigm shift into the current trading crypto landscape. A financial system that equips its members manage your money at will without interference from the future, which foresees the Deckage.


The decentralized DXG platform allows P2P crypto exchanges that give users full control over the movement of funds on the network. All transactions will be coordinated by smart contracts, which will be responsible for the execution of trade calculations. How users will exchange their crypto assets, their balances are clarified in real time and final approval take care of them through their private keys. Authorization will prevent the abolition of user any completed transaction and stop the platform DexAge from initiating any unauthorized transactions. Once the transactions are completed, the authentication details will be shared with everyone the nodes of the network by the user. The acquired crypto assets will be stored in permissionless separate wallets it will not be controlled by DexAge and will offer full autonomy user. For the next transaction, either during crypto trading or cryptolending, users can directly send their digital assets from these wallets to DXG. exchange.

The role of DexAge throughout the crypto-exchange process to confirm availability of sufficient funds in the account of each of the parties, to ensure the reliability signed trade and matching trade requests from the order book if the transaction is approved.


Not only does the cryptographic exchange, but the DXG platform allows its users in different locations to exchange their cryptocurrency assets for Fiat money, thereby improving DXG liquidity in the process. Users can place ads on the DexAge website similar to Their exchange rate and payment method for exchange.

After responding to ads, users have two options: person directly and pay cash or trade directly via online banking. For this P2p exchange, crypto assets can be directly sent from users ' personal wallets, as in the case of DXG crypto for crypto exchange.The benefit of cryptocash exchange to DexAge is that it takes place on a decentralized platform where consumers can trade immediately without the entanglement of a Central authority, thus making the process fast and efficient.


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