DICEGAME platform creates a fair and transparent basis for P2P games. The company gets the user's trust, wrapping all the logic of the game in smart contracts based on blockchain. The platform provides a Playground for the game P2P with 50% winning odds. The company decentralizes everything on the DICEGAME platform: only clear and convenient game conditions, fast and transparent transactions, no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. 

The platform provides a decent real-time gaming environment between users around the world for online gaming. Thanks to blockchain technology DICEGAME connects the distant past and the distant future of the iGaming world, providing the solution of the following problems: the operator's credibility and reliability to the elements of chance and methods of determining the winner; provides an opportunity to participate in games on DICEGAME platform, built with the needs and interests of the user. 

All key algorithms related to game mechanics are implemented using blockchain technology, which allows you to have reliable and secure transactions for betting, awarding and payment of fees. All payments and transactions are recorded in blocks, so users are protected from transaction revocation, duplication of payments and fraud. Users are sure of where their money is. While the blockchain prevents interference in the process of determining the winners, players can be confident in the results calculated in a fair manner. 

In addition, a safe system requires a powerful engine that delivers high speeds. To meet the needs, the company refers to Graphene technology. Using a transaction rate of 10k-100k per second, parallelization is used to scale the network to a million transactions per second, and since there are no transaction fees, counting operations are not required.


Official website: https://www.dicegame.io/#team

Whitepaper: https://dicegame.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf

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