Eastads Credits. Building the first 'Nigerian' full-Hybrid marketplace powered by blockchain payments.

Eastads Marketplace & Credits aims to destroy the old system of buying and selling in Nigeria and Africa.

Eastads Credits has built a cryptocurrency market for the largest market in Africa.

Their market model is a user - friendly ecosystem where commercial activities are carried out on P2P and A2P.

Eastads Credits has adapted modern systems to cover all forms of buying and selling, to profit from both the buyer and the Seller, and to make commercial activities cheaper and easier for both parties.

Integrated payments and pricing options using ECR and loyalty rewards will pave the way for a more profitable business ecosystem in Nigeria and a major cryptocurrency breakthrough in Nigeria and Africa.


Our marketplace model is a friendly ecosystem where commercial activities are done on a P2P & A2P.

We have adapted modern systems to ensure coverage of all forms of buying & selling in a way to profit both the buyer & Seller and make commercial activity cheaper and simpler for both parties.

Integrated payments & price options using ECR and loyalty rewards will pave the way for more profitable ecosystem of commercial activities in Nigeria and a major breakthrough of crypto currency in Nigeria and Africa.

We are the first fully activated Hybrid marketplace built to support all forms of trades and commerce in Nigeria. Be it digital goods, physical goods, crypto-currencies trades & exchange. Our marketplace model does not ignore the buyer like other conventional marketplace. We have included the buyer categories where buyer can place his or her buy list.

Our hybrid marketplace has an integrated online ordering system for individuals who will like to own e-commerce website without having to pay huge sums of money to a developr.

Our project includes the incorporation of Escrow Service personnel who supervise p2p exchange of digital assets and crypto currencies for safety of the buyer.

Furthermore, with our integrated multi payments option with Fiat, bitcoin and soon to be added Eastads Credits and with price options in Naira, ECR tokens and BTC already added to our marketplace, EASTADS claims to be the best modern marketplace for Nigerians.

On Eastads, users reserve absolute right to choose the currency they want to buy, sell or pay with.

Our Integrated digital goods option makes it possible for foreigners and locals to buy digital items like gift cards and more in the Nigerian market.

Our loyalty rewards program supports the buyer and seller. Loyalty rewards for buyers who will use our delivery service and to sellers who are actively selling on Eastads will increase the scalability of our project.

As a way of increasing scalability and maximizing potential, paid services or company sold items and items from partner stores will sell at discount prices to buyers who purchase with ECR.

With our project, while we provide support to the Nigerian Market we also build trust for crypto currencies in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We aim to patner with other projects of same vision in other African state to position the buying and selling in Africa in a whole new level.


Official website: https://token.eastads.com.ng/

Whitepaper: https://token.eastads.com.ng/eastads.pdf

BitcoinTalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4974113

BitcoinTalk Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5011753.0

Telegram group: https://t.me/eastadsCredits


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