EcoStart. Instant and transparent financing of environmental projects

EcoStart is a Public blockchain-based distributed cryptographic platform

Revolutionary cryptocurrency TerraEcoCoin (TECO) is the core of the platform that uses the Proof-of-Import algorithm to generate. EcoStart is a reliable platform for building applications to Finance "green" projects in the field of ecology and the sharing economy

The goal of EcoStart is to increase investments in "green projects" and tokenization of investment activities.


Create your own. cryptocurrency TerraEcocoin (Ticker TECO), when it

the creation uses the "proof of importance" algorithm. Blockchain, as a secure digital registry, will provide secure storage and transfer of TECO. The popularity of digital currencies is growing with each passing year. More and more people are discovering their advantages over traditional money. It ceases to be an exclusively exchange-traded asset and begins to be perceived as a full-fledged payment instrument. Tokenization of the environmental project financing process using the Token Generation Event (TGE) event service to create derivative tokens and smart contracts for each project. The use of blockchain in this service excludes intermediaries between investors and financial applicants, simplifies access to investment services and attracts cryptocurrency owners to the investment process. Information security. For the financial system-the most important property. The block chain will provide more reliable protection than traditional technologies.

Platform Ecostart will unite all participants in the environmental community on a common website (the marketplace) that will make it easier for users:

 - collection of investments in environmental projects,

 - search and coordination of volunteers ' activities,

 - formation of real ratings of participants of ecological community (initiators, investors, experts, volunteers).


The essence of the project is a public distributed cryptographic platform for creating applications and software solutions on the open blockchain on funding environmental and conservation projects, with its own cryptocurrency TerraEcocoin (Ticker TECO), in the generation which uses the algorithm Proof-of-Importance (proof of importance).

Ecostart will provide services to the initiators of environmental projects creating your own tokens and managing their properties, which will serve as a cryptocurrency, bonds, share in the project, participation certificates, etc. each token can be assigned its own name, issue volume, number of decimal places, and other parameters properties. The sale of the issued tokens will provide financing of environmental (green) approved projects

ecostart experts .

What problems does the project solve:

- Lack of funding for environmental activities. The Ecostart platform is another tool for raising money to Finance environmental projects

- Increase mutual trust between the initiators of environmental projects and investors.

- The Ecostart Project is aimed at solving one of the most pressing problems of all mankind – environmental-through the use of modern information technologies for the creation and operation of the system of financing and implementation of environmental measures.


Strategic objectives of the project:

- Establishment of the global environment facility;

- Development of tools and financial models for environmental project assessment and identification of opportunities and size

their investments, etc.;

- Creation of an effective mechanism for the promotion of "green" principles in society and business Project objective.

Create a global environmental ecosystem for financing projects to solve environmental problems of the planet:

- Provide an opportunity for startups and companies to attract investments to Finance their environmental projects in a more efficient, cost-effective and safe way than the currently available classical tools;

- Provide investors and sponsors with direct access to NGOs, initiators, companies and startups implementing their environmental projects;

- To stimulate environmental and environmental protection and the development of citizens ' initiatives;

- Drawing the attention of civil society, the media, the business community and municipal and regional authorities to environmental problems;

- Promotion of volunteering and sponsorship in the environmental sphere.


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