EHarvestHub aims to reduce food costs and increase profitability by creating a trust system and eliminating intermediaries through the decentralization of goods and services. 

eHarvestHub aims to eliminate middlemen from the food supply chain through the open market. The main reason why farmers need a middleman is to help them distribute their products to hundreds of retailers in several regions. To solve the transportation problem, the platform also includes a reward system for carriers for shipping products. 

Farmers can provide their products, in the purchase of which the interests of the grocers, once established the route. Both parties can get acquainted with the available carriers and choose a reasonable price for delivery. Both producers and carriers set their own prices, creating a free and independent market. 

The system evaluates each purchase that uses the national authorities for inspection of food products, ensuring compliance with the rules of food safety. Both consumers and farmers will be able to get the best prices and profits. In addition, the consumer knows exactly who produces the products and who they support. Transparency and knowledge are incredibly important in today's purchasing decisions.


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