Elisia. The Blockchain Revolution Has Begun. ICO is LIVE!!!

Elisia - the most exciting event in the world the blockchain as Satoshi Nakamoto unleashed bitcoin back in 2008. Elisa provides lightning fast transactions without any fees. Each Elisia transaction will reach its destination at lightning speed without any fee to the sender or recipient! Decentralized applications (APPS) you can easily create and deploy network Elisia one click without any fees for deployment.


The problem of the blockchain platform, which does not allow to migrate from one blockchain to another as a full-featured sidechain, creates doubts about the stability of the blockchain. It also limits the blockchain to reach its full potential value. Over the period of time, the blockchain becomes dysfunctional and leads to losses of money, infrastructure and other resources.

The goal of the Trig Blockchain was to solve the problem of licensing and use of weapons / ammunition globally. The trigonometric marker was listed on only one Binance exchange with a market capitalization of $ 10,400,663.  Failure Blocksafe Foundation to move the token trigonometry in their private blockchain in a given time leads to a massive drop in the price of the market value of the token.

2. While a number of blockchain platforms have struggled to support functional decentralized applications, specific blockchains such As the bitshares decentralized exchange and Social media platforms Steem have become actively used by blockchains with tens of thousands of daily active users. They have achieved this by increasing performance to thousands of transactions per second, reducing latency to 1.5 seconds, eliminating transaction fees, and providing a user experience similar to those provided by existing centralized services. But the question is how many existing developers have started to build their applications using blockchain architecture to share files or to social networks or for anything else?

Blockchain is known for its security. Almost everyone understands that decentralized application can not be hacked, and most of them are equipped with Byzantine fault-tolerant system, how many more cryptocurrency exchange decentralized exchanges?

The problem with existing frameworks developing applications of the blockchain, or they do not permit the migration of applications through a single blockchain, or other platform, or minor repair does not come with a predefined set of tools for application development.


Elisia is a new cryptocurrency based on its own unique blockchain technology. Elisia provides lightning-fast, free transactions and allows users to easily create free apps and the ability to create their own cryptocurrencies at the touch of a button!

Elisia was designed with 4 pillars:

1. Speed

2. Free

3. Security

4. Simplicity


Some projects focus on security, some on speed, and some on multiple uses of the platform. Different target blockchains, different sets of user groups; i.e. the main Ripple user groups are financial

institutions, the main user groups of Tron are the social / entertainment channel of users, the main user groups of Ethereum-token builders, etc. With blockchains, the company comes to a consensus on a block of transactions, such that no transaction conflicts with any other, neither in this block nor previous blocks. However, with the advent of different blockchains platforms neither the developer of the blockchain no user has the blockchain consensus on the use of blockchain-based platform for the construction of their Dapps. In addition, the existing blockchain platform burdened by high fees and a limited computational capacity which prevents the widespread introduction of the blockchain-business decisions. Every business wants to develop an application on such a platform that provides lightning speed security deals and zero fees along with the ability to transition from one blockchain application development platform to another according to their business vision.


Official website: https://elisia.io/

Whitepaper: https://elisia.io/white-paper.pdf

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