ENDO. Certified Data Verification Protocol

ENDO is a Protocol that solves the problem of tracking confirmed information and storing encrypted data. The ENDO ecosystem allows organizations and users to participate in the process of information exchange and use the services using the ENDO token. All ENDO apps and products have one goal - to create a single, secure, and certified environment for any type of data. Now you can manage your personal, corporate, public information about achievements, awards, indicators, transactions, etc.with the ENDO platform. By your consent, the platform provides 

secure access To your stored information to third parties. 


The ENDO Protocol, which uses built-in Blockchain technology, automatic data reading, and document integration, will help protect companies, institutions, and individuals from fraud. ENDO creates a worldwide database of factual information about the work history of candidates from the organization's human resources Department; will check and confirm information about newly hired employees to avoid, for example, providing the organization with false University diplomas.

In addition, ENDO can be used to validate client data. This type of service helps in validating customers' data related to the product and services that are needed for demographic or marketing research. Customer data in these cases should be checked for accuracy to prevent adverse statistical scenarios. Subject to verification of name, address and email etc to confirm that the transaction has been authorized by the client. As customer data is subject to change (wedding, move, death) it becomes important that the data is efficiently processed and regularly updated. 


ENDO will help insurance companies verify information provided by customers for fast and reliable decision making. 


Another ENDO solution is an automated data validation service that allows you to verify the authenticity of virtually any kind of information: brands, drug and food manufacturers, documents, including passports, driver's licenses, employee photos, visas. ENDO is a great tool for checking international accounts using several of the most trusted data sources, allowing you to quickly verify the identity of the client, even on the basis of minimal information. On the one hand, ENDO automates processes and economy.


Official website: https://endo.im/ru/

Whitepaper: https://endo.im/ru/whitepaper/

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