Engineer.aI is a blockchain and AI-based ecosystem that helps anyone create custom software, faster, more cost-effective and with a higher level of success than the current consultation model..

Engineer development is established and has experience with an existing network of 26,000 engineers, 3,200 customers, $ 23 million in platform revenue and 150 percent year-on-year. Setting in motion a chain of blocks and a model based on And will contribute to the industrialization of our process and enable us to scale globally and achieve our key goals. Official website: is rethinking how software development is outsourcing and disrupting an industry that will grow to cost more than $ 3 trillion . Whether it's creating new technology or operating an existing cloud deploy-ments. Engineer.AI will turn the entire life cycle of the software to order and deliver production on the Assembly line. 

This strategy is based on two key philosophies:

* Build-Put everything on an Assembly line that uses automation (AI and generic) to do everything that is repetitive and uses distributed human teams to focus on unique project elements.

* Operate-aggregate demand, significantly optimize it (for better returns) and then consolidate

delivery. will provide one account for all operating ingredients, whether cloud or microservices that are included in the software. Official website:

The company has developed a platform to address delivery and trust issues through separate but related layering. Our Human-assisted AI focuses on everything related to delivery, from specification to pricing, Assembly, project management and final product delivery. The NAYA trust platform then creates a multilateral solution for identification, delivery assurance, IPR, security, dispute resolution and stakeholder payments, eliminating the need for trust in the process.


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