GigTricks. An Integrated 360° Freelance & On-Demand Ecosystem.

GigTricks will build an ecosystem based on the blockchain to improve transparency, trust and reliability among the participants of the platform (i.e. clients and freelancers). Every action, including reviews and ratings of skills will be checked by the participants of the platform in an immutable blockchain. So nothing can be tampered with in the ecosystem. GigTricks ' goal is to create the world's first 360-degree on-demand freelance ecosystem that millions of people will trust. Ultimately, the Gigrick platform is designed to help fight the global recession by creating ample opportunities for talented people to simply find concerts, work from home, generate income and spend on their consumer needs, leading to true economic growth.

Market GigTricks allows both start-UPS and established businesses to access the best talents who have passed authentication and can be hired in a matter of seconds. Each component of the ecosystem, i.e. the GigTricks, Pro, Social, Learning and PoS market, seeks to leverage each other to maximize integrated benefits for global communities.

GigTricks Social aims to allow users to earn GigBit tokens by publishing and / or viewing social content. GigBit tokens can be used as a means of paying for additional skill tests in GigTricks Pro or to access premium services like GigTricks Learning that will aim to allow the user to learn additional skills. Users will be able to view both the overall rating of the freelancers ' profile and their specific skill ratings and reviews. This reduces communication time between clients and freelancers by more than 90%. In addition, if there is any dispute, the CIO-ricks introduced a system of reasoned vote, which increases trust and participation. Global markets are expanding, and now businesses around the world can build, grow and scale their businesses much faster.


GigTricks is committed to realizing its vision by creating a viable, affordable and affordable freelance platform that will seek to benefit as many countries as possible.

In fact, the vision GigTricks true to its core, having the following key elements:

* Job creation and thus assistance in the fight against the recession.

* Offering a professional platform built on ethical values, i.e. no tolerance and entertainment for bribery, fraud and Miss-commitments such as deliberate breach of contract.

* Allowing all users to find the right option for their projects without having to set up a typical workspace.

Using technology to reach all corners of the globe and bring qualified people and potential customers under one roof and reach of each other.


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