HashCard. Hash Card converts cryptocurrencies to traditional currency in real-time

Ease of use and superior functionality make Hash Card a must for anyone who regularly spends money in a foreign currency, intended not only for holders of Ether or Bitcoin. 

Physically Hash Card can be used wherever credit / debit cards are accepted. It works online in both "real" and "virtual" spaces. Hash Card like a regular credit / debit card with the key difference being that the user spends Ether, etc. Bitcoin Transaction happens in real time with each use, but the exact amount spent on the card Hash is replaced with ETH / BTC / Altcoins. The rest of the cardholders ' funds are kept in a secure wallet. In addition, Hash Card allows you to exchange money at the exact interbank exchange rates using the Hash Card application. Hash Card gives you the confidence that the card holder enjoys the exact interbank rates and free real-time transfer of funds between users Hash Card App. Funds are instantly available to Hash Card recipients. 

Testing of the beta version of Hash Card and wallet is almost complete, which allows you to run Hash Card during Public Token Sale. Hash Card is limited to the first 3,000 participants. Distribution will be made every two weeks.


Official website: https://hashcard.io/

Whitepaper: https://hashcard.io/downloads/WhitePaper-HashCard.pdf

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