Horizon Communications. Cutting Edge LTE Fixed Wireless Internet.

Horizon Communications will be a high-speed Internet service provider (ISP) based in Bermuda and serving the Caribbean region. The company will use fixed LTE wireless communication. The company's services offer will include Internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps in 2018 and 300 Mbps and faster at the end of 2018 / 2019. In addition to high-speed Internet services, the company provides high-definition television and telephone services via VoIP (VoIP). This wireless network infrastructure will be delivered through a software defined radio system, custom-made using 4G LTE-Advanced (Release 13) standards.


It is expected that Horizon will be able to reach approximately 95% of Bermuda's homes and businesses with only a few towers. The sea surface will extend up to 15 miles from the shore. Horizon aims to enter the Bermuda market within 5 months after the capital injection. At the same time, Horizon plans to capture at least 15% of the Bermuda market within 4-5 years after the start of operations.


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Official website: https://www.horizoncomm.co/

Whitepaper: https://horizoncomm.co/feast-content/uploads/Horizon-Whitepaper.pdf

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