HouseAfrica- Enhancing Real Estate in Africa using Blockchain Technology.

HouseAfrica is a decentralized real estate and rental ecosystem that will develop quality affordable houses and use blockchain technology to make buying, selling and rental process of properties less costly and more convenient and secure.

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Africa is a diverse continent, with roughly 1bn people, 54 countries and thousands of languages. Unfortunately, many of its economies are facing challenges. One of the most common obstacles African markets face is a shortage of affordable quality housing. Kenya has a housing gap of approximately 2m homes, for example, while more than 12m people in Egypt

live in informal buildings. This is hardly unique to the continent, but with high GDP expansion, juxtaposed against limited job creation and strong population growth. In fact, according to a 2017 UNICEF reports Africa’s population will grow by 40% in the next 15 years. Rapid urbanization, its acuity in African economies will be more pronounced if actions are not taken

to remedy the issue. Over the coming years, millions of Africans will need shelter – a roof over their heads. This huge population boom is the strongest underlying reason for the huge demand for accommodation and real estate properties across Africa.

African markets will need to improve the fundamentals of their housing sectors. While the specific features of local real estate markets and regulatory regimes vary significantly across the continent, from Nigeria to Egypt to South Africa, chronic housing deficits, a lack of funding and an affordability gap are common throughout the region. 

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Our mission is simple, leverage blockchain technology as a transformative tool to redefine and simplify the real estate market in Africa. Our team of experts have built a 360 degree real estate management platform with a beautiful interface and simplicity of use. The platform will allow end users will be able to use the HAF tokens to buy, sale, rent, manage properties and ultimately pay rent and utility bills.


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