IceChain. High-Throughput Transactional System

IceChain uses the technology of distributed accounting the following generation, which will bring the blockchain to the next level, IceChain seeks to bring the solution to the current problem of scalability, which is a traditional network based on the blockchain. IceChain can do this using the dual-purpose setting, the distribution on tires and hash. IceChain will process over 100,000 transactions per second in any industry, from Finance, electronics, electricity, telecommunications, food, Autonomous vehicles and real estate to name a few. This will save money and ensure a high level of transparency.


By using the latest technology, including shards, lceChain will be able to scale as needed and also be able to adjust any amount of distribution. Using this model, lceChain will be able to offer the high-performance blockchain that users are already looking for; something safe, fast and cheap (if not free). Since the platform will run on a distributed network, this will allow the ICH coin to integrate into a total purchase transaction offering a decentralized and fast service.


The design principles that form the basis of the lceChain network are that the platform is capable of scaling without compromising any level of security and without spending users more in transaction fees. Security, scalability and decentralization based on lceChain model. Operations the shard of the cross will be created in a seamless manner that will give a high level of quality inside experience to the end users. All this, on an ecosystem that will be driven by incentives and capable of supporting a wide range of alternative platforms to provide users with the ability to use one consider all their operations. Security will be maintained at the same high level regardless of platform size. The modern functioning of blockchain technology offers two main functions of each block found in the chain. The main advantage is n large area for data storage that would include the Ledger to be the last one and continuously do notation all new deals when they happen. At the same time be the source of the execution code, destination and the amount of the transaction. Only the final amount of informationcan be stored in one unit, causing longer time waiting on blockchain. The results of the transaction will create a confirmation in the General Ledger toto block was mined to achieve the necessary proof of work. It is this system this creates the security confidence that another user cannot connect the system to the fork mining since it will cost the user too much money and not be viable plan. The calculation requires more hash power than the rest tasks required to complete the process.


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