Intrachain. The World's First Process Mining Software with Integrated Blockchain.

Intrachain is the first process mining software with an integrated blockchain for intra-group cost allocation and transactions. We developed the Intrachain software because we are of the opinion that large corporations with several subsidiaries often work inefficiently when it comes to cost allocation and transactions of services. Official website:


The intrachain platform combines a process mining tool with a decentralized database. This technical architecture allows different use cases. Intrachain hereby focuses on the collection of it traces on systems and the storage of tamper-proof data in the blockchain. 

Based on customer needs, this led to the emergence of two products:

- intrachain private;

- intrachain business. 


Intrachain Private is a B2C software that tracks personal user behavior. The data is made available to the user for analysis via a user interface.

Intrachain Business also records system traces and transfers them to the blockchain. This condensed data serves as the basis for the correct recording and determination of intercompany services. Smart contracts are used to transfer these transactions to the respective accounting systems within the group of companies. Thus, Intrachain Business is accounting software combined with Distributed Ledger Technology, which automates accounting


The decentralized solution of the Intrachain Platform (DApp) offers great advantages for both applications: In comparison to standard servers, it provides significantly more security when storing data, and it is based on the customer’s wish to maintain data transparency and to prevent data manipulation. The goal is to make effort allocation more efficient, to help individuals and businesses save money, and provide them with the data quality needed to make informed decisions.


Platform Intrachain combines the mechanism of development of the processes with distributed database. Intrachain hereby focuses on the collection of trace data in system storage and data protection from unauthorized access in the block chain. This technical architecture allows for a variety of use cases. The company offers two solutions for Intranet products based on customer needs. And you can benefit from the overall trend of the automation and data mining market. Thus, Intrachain has the potential to revolutionize the software market.   The data is often incomplete, opaque, and inaccurate. Intrachain aimed at achieving higher quality data through the use of new technological opportunities.


Business is a software solution for B2B that generates detailed data on user behavior and makes efforts to revolutionize accounting. 

This data is then passed to the block-chain Intrachain where they are stored safely and transparently to the private block-chain. For Intrachain Business customers, the related costs are then shared among the responsible persons and can be booked at the same time using smart contracts. Thus, companies get a clear overview of intra-corporate transactions and get rid of the common shortcomings of the existing methods of coordination.

In today's globalized world, multinational firms often have multiple subsidiaries in scattered geographic regions. The management of these subsidiaries can be very inefficient, mainly due to lack of information and high transaction costs between the subsidiaries. Therefore, Intranet Business centralizes and optimizes intercompany accounting, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


Private is a B2C software that tracks the behavior of a personal user through a process design mechanism and provides the ability to store data in a blockchain. 

Intrachain Private - this software is B2C, which tracks the behaviour of the personal user through the mechanism of the development of the processes and provides the ability to store data in the block chain. 

A private user who spends most of his time on a computer and would not want to get a specific overview of his digital behavior to analyze it and work on its productivity. With the Intranet software, it can accurately record its time, assign it to specific actions, better understand its behavior, and optimize it.

Access to the technical platform became possible thanks to the purchase of a software key, the Intranet Token. It is deployed across the entire platform and allows the user to use the platform for a predetermined time. The process development mechanism can be used by a private user of the Intranet immediately after the Token-Token purchase.


The main advantages can be summarized as follows:

- Ensuring the highest possible quality of data; 

- Cost savings and reduced overall process time; 

- Decentralized DLT; 

- Compatibility with all it infrastructures.


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