Creation of a new people-oriented economy and decentralized financial services that provide both stable and aggressive market-related investments fluctuations that also feed the financial security needed for future projects. On at the same time, we will also create an ecosystem for developers to use Karatcoin tokens as a basis for various Ðapp developments, thus speeding up blockchain adoption technology. The project Karatcoin is Advisory system, which focuses on development and growth of production of carefully selected gold mining companies. Official website: https://karatcoin.co/#

Our goal is to build a platform to trade gold certificates, exchange Karatcoin tokens, and as well as save and exchange currency with gold cards. We will build a platform on which millions of investors will be able to find the best gold opportunities to invest, trade and exchange without worrying about traceability.

Platform Karatcoin directly connected with existing gold mines, which will receive funding to help to increase their gold production. The more funding Karatcoin will increase, the aggregated gold mining in our mines, which in turn will increase the cost circulating karatcoin tokens. All mines are selected by Karatcoin technical and legal the team has been thoroughly analyzed for their production ability, working background, structural trust, as well as their financial rating (the intermediary is not involved in verification process.) These mines will pay interest with physical gold products (doré gold ingots, gold nuggets, gold dust, etc.)) to be awarded to the official the refinery origin and turned into gold bars on our behalf. Leaving raw materials in its place of origin protected in the authorized arch will reduce costs related to transport and related taxes, thus optimizing transactions on our blockchain and allowing more favorable price of gold. Official website: https://karatcoin.co/#

All the small gold mines and individual miners that exist in the world who try to sell their gold outside its territory easily, selling gold bullion, doré, gold nuggets, gold dust, etc. the official refinery in a country where Karatcoin trust will have its own account. Once turned into gold bars .999 purity, they will remain in the storage of the refinery itself and will not leave its country of origin.

Instead, they will be invented by KCG and permanently placed in a decentralized market to to be purchased and distributed around the world.

All those organizations and / or individual miners who are involved in this project will be enfranchised and included in Program development Fund carats. They will be able to access financing for their development businesses as well as benefit from fundraising campaigns that will be ongoing sponsored by the Foundation to raise awareness among donors about ethical issues related to mines. These donations will bring more prosperity to miners, especially women and children, in addition to improving surrounding communities and making lives population more equitable and sustainable.


Official website: https://karatcoin.co/#

Whitepaper: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/karatcoin.co/files/docs/KC_WP.pdf

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