Krios. Decentralized Marketing Campaign Management Platform.

Krios is an affiliate network and platform for campaign management, which includes the blockchain technology to help connect businesses looking for advertising and af - activity relationship with influential people who have the appropriate demographic and profes - simonas which offer appropriate services.

The platform focuses primarily on bringing social media influencers, consultants, ad managers, content creators, graphic designers, copywriters, and more together to create cost-efficient advertising campaigns which promote brand awareness,

increase organic business growth and encourage brand loyalty. The Krios platform connects businesses with the right affiliates to allow business owners and market- ers to directly influence and attract their target market.

Krios is a viable solution to problems currently facing the digital advertising industry. Through the use of the blockchain and Ethereum smart contract technology, the platform offers a secure and transparent manner for conducting marketing activities, such as creating advertising content or purchasing advertisement space on a web page.


Krios is taking advantage of Ethereum’s smart contract standards to provide all parties involved in advertising campaigns with a fair, transparent, cheap and quick way to coordinate and execute transactions. Krios’ aim is to create a powerful and economical all- in-one solution that caters to diverse marketing needs, whilst maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Krios leads the disruption of a multi-billion-dollar industry by taking charge in providing responsibility and ac- countability, while increasing ROI for advertisers.

The power of social media networking and the use of affiliate marketing is wide- spread and continues to flourish as businesses consistently realize exorbitant profits through the thoughtful and efficient process of connecting with

relevant influencers.


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