LabelsCoin. Platform for copyright exchange based on blockchain technology.

 LabelsCoin is a copyright exchange platform based on blockchain technology with a related set of services. Together LabelsCoin facilitate the transparency of copyright and related exchange royalties - subject to fair and transparent compensation to creators of music.

 LabelsCoin blockchain is built on the basis of the mechanism of compatibility with the copyright notice, which checks the status of music, the license model, infringement, plagiarism, rights and remedies of redistribution.

 The concept of LabelsCoin Establishment, a future business model and strategy, consists of three components: 1) digital currency, 2) music recognition systems on the Internet and 3) providing real-time royalties to music stakeholders.

The ultimate goal: LabelsCoin create a robust global music network-an advanced blockchain.

 The LabelsCoin blockchain is built on top of a copyright matching mechanism that will check the status of the licensing model, infringement, plagiarism, rights, and distribution tools. Universal medals: LABELSCOIN, LBSC is the fuel that will power all the services the label blockchain provides. LBSC will be used by the upcoming music industry for a variety of purposes, including payment to authors, automatic audience monitoring, etc. 


 The blockchain based engine would provide the following benefits to the all stakeholders involved in the music value chain.

• Immutability: once created, the copyright blockchain representation cannot be deleted yet ownership can be transmitted;

• Transparency: owners and fees are transparent;

• Automation: a copyrighted item can be checked manually or integrated into the automation process and it provides a real time payment on royalties.


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