Likerworld. Blockchain platform that combines education & technology.

LIKER WORLD is a platform for blockchain-based educational content.  This is accompanied by a donation policy related to educational projects.  Innovation in future learning through technology is focused on the best society and humanity.  Based on the idea that all corporate actions should pursue social values,  LIKER has 3 basic aspects: TRUST, REWARD and DONATION.


Get rewarded when you study:

- Access to education is often limited by factors such as social class or wealth that are beyond personal choice or control. 

- The right to education must be equal to everyone. 

- But what if a person wants to learn no matter where they are and when they want. 

- LIKER creates the right environmental system for education. 

- LIKER opens equal opportunities for everyone who wants to learn. 

- All participants of the LIKER platform will receive a reward in the blockchain economy.


Blockchain technology will create a new paradigm in all sectors of society around the world. If the internal problems of existing education are influenced by external factors, then the logic of market capitalism and personal assets, the future education market will have the market power to address the demand of content users. Then, the upcoming future training will focus on adaptive learning that adapts to the user's learning model according to personalization, interactivity and collaboration through collective intelligence to become more important than anything else. Through MOOC companies and universities, a curriculum that goes beyond College and distance learning focused on field experience will arise focused on discussion and test modeling.

• Adaptive Learning Patterns for Each User;

• Mutual Approach, Collective Intelligence (Large-scale Global Lecture), sharing;

• MOOC of Shared Company, Project Learning, Collaboration, Career Education.


This is an area of education that can be solved with the help of blockchain. It will change the educational beneficiaries of active users through synchronization according to the award-winning compensation policy based on trust technology, and build a new ecosystem, this platform will create participants and users. Deals with the educational content more affordable and sustainable. In addition, LIKER will accept, along with a policy of educational contributions in accordance with the voluntary will of the participants. In particular, the compensation policy itself is also responsible for the social function of providing education to the poor.

• Compensation system;

• Contents copyright;

• Reliability of Data;

• CERTIFICATE (Graduation, grades, completion, qualification);

• Innovation in means of payment and transaction methods.


LIKER is an educational platform based on blockchain. Through a trust-based authentication system, platform teachers interact with each other to create an educational ecosystem. Their formation of transactions and activities are compensated by the marker's economy, which in turn leads to educational donations. This creates a virtuous cycle structure that brings more educational benefits to blind spots.  USA and the beginning of educational reform. Blockchain is going to make many attempts according to the stage of technology development among many challenges. First of all, the Company wants to reach educational users through honest and transparent authentication and compensation through the blockchain.


LIKERWORLD is a fundamental principle of ecology LIKERWORLD

in the learning process of the learner, that is learning in the synchronization process, which gives economic benefit in the effort itself. The company also promotes its educational activities to lead society and humanity to share education, and to go beyond the obstacles to the creation of a more democratic and equitable all. EDU CREATOR can also donate a portion of the acquired token through the students ' input and the user's data input through the educational platform. LIKERWORLD aimed at p2p-education for diversified career under the name SALADENT (salaryman + student) for 100 years life cycle learning through educational activities based on the blockchain. LIKERWORLD's mission is to strengthen education motivation through blockchain - based compensation systems, to bridge the gap between rich and poor and create a future.


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