Loligo. World’s 1st ICO Safety Ecosystem

LOLIGO is the safest and most advanced ICO crowdfunding platform. 

LOLIGO Offers token creation through LCC smart contracts. It ensures a fair fund distribution based on milestones and participants' vote.

LOLIGO platform offers all the required tools for a successful & professional ICO. Official website:

Loligo is a revolutionary platform that ensures the smooth operation of ICOs through innovative staggered contracts and under the control of the participants. Loligo allows both community and centralized approaches while reaping the most benefits. In practice, it's a cryptocurrency based on a public and open-source blockchain, run by a company that serves as a legal representative. 

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This formula allows users to:

- Finally Solve the ICO safety problem, known as DAICO.

- Add controls and access constraints to the blockchain.

- Require standards in the launch process and the code of contracts.

- Streamline the launch process by defining steps and imposing rules.

- Establish a fair management model incomparable with the famous DAO.

- Ensure optimal performance, thanks to the dedicated ICO network.

- Prepare for the formal adoption of ICO by nations.


The use of Loligo does not necessarily require access to the online platform, indeed the basic package provides access to all the features of the blockchain. This basic formula includes the full node wallet, a mobile access application, and access to the Smart Explorer. To exploit the power of the Loligo solution, an online account is essential.


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