LoveBlock (LB) – The Decentralized Database for Dating.

LoveBlock is a decentralized Dating database called DDD. LoveBlock (LB) is the most innovative Blockchain technology solution for Dating all over the world. LB blockchain infrastructure and Dating platform are built on the basis of EOS. LB will solve major problems related to online Dating, such as fraudulent activity, motivation to use services, earning tokens, and security with blockchain. Based in our Singapore lab, the LB team works closely with the hugely successful Luxy Dating site (, which currently has over 2 million users worldwide. LB fraud easy identificireba through our unique control system. The information will be stored and encrypted in such as fraudulent activity, motivation to use the services, earning tokens and security using blockchain LoveBlock allowing you to share data with other DApps. This will expose the scammers and prevent them from doing great harm in General.

LoveBlock will have very strong verification standards, creating an environment without fraud, scams and fake profiles. This can be achieved by linking dating services in order to exchange data about fraudulant behaviour. LoveBlock will have a more valuable exchange of meaningful information across a network of apps, whilst fixing a damaged industry and helping users to find the best love, completely stress free.

LoveBlock is going to collaborate with more partners and will always be

open to integration with new DApps. This is Beneficial for all platforms as LoveBlock is the world’s most secure dating network. Allowing for the exchange of encrypted data to remove fraudulent activity across all platforms and apps.

With LoveBlock businesses wouldn’t need wait for scammers or fraudsters to corrupt your system. Instead by using LoveBlock, they will get the inside knowledge of these crooks who are operational and be able to block them instantaneously and permanently.


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