MeFy. Blockchain Led Healthcare Platform

MEFY is a platform that will allow users to monitor their health through MeMe Edge Device, record health parameters, medical consultants and doctors around the world, receive medicines, etc. 

The mefy token will enable the system to address current cross-border payment issues, data availability, and payment risk on demand, including areas with the highest level of healthcare quality. 

MEFY is a decentralized global health care network built on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. The MEFY platform is designed to disrupt and replace traditional health models by providing people with easy access to checking their health parameters, the ability to share real-time health reports with doctors anywhere in the world for advice and second opinions. 

Mefy tokens will serve as the primary means of payment within the system, although other types of fiat or cryptocurrency will be accepted and used depending on the country and the legality of the cryptocurrency. 

MeFy Network is an Association of healthcare professionals and people who are looking for easily accessible medicine worldwide. The individuals who purchase MEFY tokens and the healthcare workers who accept them become members of the MeFy network and receive affordable, authentic, distributed, high-quality healthcare.


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