MoneyToken — a blockchain-based financial ecosystem

The MoneyToken platform allows investors to instantly borrow liquid funds based on the current value of their assets using cryptocurrency assets. The platform member receives a loan secured by more volatile assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum - and in return receives an agreed loan amount in a stable currency.

After the loan is repaid, the investor receives all his collateral back, even if the collateral has increased in value several times.

Thus, it is possible to acquire liquid funds for immediate needs and simultaneously maintain its cryptographic position. 


Amanda is behind MoneyToken. Amanda-AI-assistant, which will provide automatic operations with loans on the platform.

In addition to the auxiliary function, Amanda analyzes the client to draw conclusions and provide them with additional financial services that are likely to be of interest to them, it also helps to track the collateral by repaying the loan, as well as the real Bank Manager, but everything is based on data. 

Amanda is equipped with an algorithm for in-depth study of AI, its purpose is to provide "humanoid" services to users of the platform. This assistant will change people's attitude to banking. Contracts no longer have hidden fees, "small fonts" and transaction support problems.

Forum $ 10K - $ 1m ready for loan, small loans also available.

By creating a new model that connects the B2B and B2B approaches, MoneyToken displays the best features of all borrowing models. Most modern platforms act as intermediaries between lenders and borrowers; Slow approval of the entire loan and the financing process has been released. MoneyToken manages and manages the creditors ' Fund of the forum in order to hand over the loan up to the moment and the money can be issued almost immediately.

MoneyToken supports the development of stable coins, as we believe it is actually the future of a friction-based, borderless system based on cryptosystems. Platform tokens cash will offer loans in the currency and in the monetary coins (битUSD, USDT, Dai and a private stable coins MoneyToken MTC).

MoneyToken is set up and going to be available worldwide (according to national and regional legislation).

MoneyToken does not use token mechanics to pay extra costs or hide service fees; rather, our tokens play the role of a unique infrastructure that benefits customers, such as discounts on platform services

MoneyToken is fundamental to the project. It's not just a credit platform: MoneyToken has its own ecosystem that aims to create its own stable coin and decentralized exchange service.


The problem became clear for some time - cryptocephalinae global, such as bitcoin and Atari are becoming increasingly inadequate as a means of payment friction. 

Their asset-like behavior has made them more suitable for strategies as their fluctuating values have both risk and reward; bitcoin Spending today eliminates the ability of the investor to benefit from any future development; Investors who spend their property on less can benefit from selling them more. 

Due to the explosive rise in prices of major cryptocurrencies in the past year, these owners have spent Bitcoin in the last few years, they may return to this place with some regret, which they now have to keep their crypto assets.

It was here that moves MoneyToken. The MoneyToken platform allows you to borrow liquid funds right now, based on the current and future value of your assets in cryptosystems. You take out a loan, collateral with more volatile assets such as bitcouine and iterium - and in return you get an agreed loan amount in a stable currency.


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