MyTVchain. The first web-based television platform dedicated to sports clubs, working on blockchain technology.

MyTVchain is the first specialized decentralized platform that is managed by community sports clubs, which rasprostranyaet your content and events without expensive intermediaries and have complete control over it.

MyTVchain goal is to become a platform on the principle "peer-to-peer", offering innovative services to its users and sports clubs using the blockchain technology. The social and economic impact depends, first, on cooperation with sports clubs, which will receive income from their published content, and secondly, on creating a community of MyTVchain users and encouraging them to view and share content from MyTVchain.

MyTVchain is the first web TV platform designed for sports clubs and athletes using blockchain technology. 

MyTVchain allows sports clubs to create their own web TV and animate their communities (fans, supporters, friends and families), while generating revenue for the development of their activities. 


Ad revenue models are declining online, and sports clubs need to find new sources of funding. With MyTVchain and thanks to blockchain, it is a community that regains control over content and creates value for them. Users (MyTVchainers) receive a reward token for every video viewed and can donate some of their tokens to your favorite club, to purchase services from web-TV (subscription to a dedicated web TV, exclusive purchase video, etc.) Or tokens to distribute among the creators of the movie with the best quality (shot, object, etc.).


Problem: the vast majority of sports clubs, both in small towns and in large ones, do not have sufficient funding for the growth and development of their activities. As a rule, funding comes from the city itself (through grants, donations, etc.), and sometimes from fans and participants. Often this is not enough to maintain equipment , cover travel costs during away games, etc.In addition, the lack of sufficient funding leads to a lack of staff and trainers, thereby demotivating the community. Some larger clubs are lucky to have their own fan community that contributes to the success of the club. These fans video sports events and post them on major video sharing platforms like YouTube or Facebook. The main problem remains that when fans post these videos, the club does not win in cash, and instead the leading platform earns the largest amount of money through advertising.


The vision is to offer private Internet TV for every sports club and former Champions, based on the freemium model, where sports clubs can offer paid services to their viewers, and where viewers can earn tokens for watching videos.


The company offers private Internet TV for every sports club, including the youngest (with their services, awards, donations and advertising). With MyTVchain, all videos are available to everyone and the video Creator does not grant any rights to any platforms. All content remains the exclusive property of the video Creator or publisher.

Instead of earning minimal revenue per click on your videos, MyTVchain offers a new source of revenue from online services . Sports clubs and video creators are looking for new online services that pay more attention to video creation rights and improved viewers experience where users want to contribute to the community. With MyTVchain, sports clubs remain the sole owners of their videos and do not grant any rights to the platform, thereby maintaining control over the distribution and creation of consumer value, encouraging their community.


MyTVchain is the first specialized decentralized platform that is managed by community sports clubs, which rasprostranyaet your content and events without expensive intermediaries and have complete control over it.

Problem: lack of Finance is an important problem for the development and growth of small sports clubs. They can't encourage sponsors and advertisers to partner with them because they don't have the resources to grow their community and fans.

Even small businesses do not invest in local advertising due to lack of audience.

Unique offer MyTVchain - to provide free, easy-to-use and beneficial tool that helps to Fund sport clubs and actively encourage growth from the point of view of popularity, community and income. Thanks to the Internet and social networks, some videos become so viral that the audience they create on the Internet is sometimes larger than the audience of some famous sports stars. With MyTVchain, even the smallest sports clubs can create their own Internet TV and upload videos to the platform and social networks, develop their communities and partnerships with advertisers and potential buyers of services.


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