Nauticus. Better banking and eCommerce using blockchain technology

Nauticus creates convenient, efficient and sustainable global banking solutions, e-Commerce and security solutions based on innovative blockchain technology. Nauticus solutions are aimed at everyday users, businesses of any size, as well as local, state and Federal authorities. 

Nauticus is firmly focused on social responsibility and philanthropy, using its influence and global community to help those who need it most. Raising living standards in developing countries, promoting equal rights and protecting the environment are among the core values of Nauticus. Nauticus maintains the highest ethical and legal standards and believes that protecting user assets is the most important mission. 

Nauticus ICO is the first step in the company's bold vision for six global banking and e-Commerce solutions using blockchain technology. ICO participants will be able to use and sell their Nauticus tokens immediately. Nauticus exchange will offer 100 cryptocurrencies and six Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR). Nauticus has also created a reliable mining center that will provide revenue and significant server capacity to provide fast processing for all users of Nauticus services. The center will use renewable energy sources. Profits will be reinvested in the business to support the development of an inexpensive e-Commerce market, as well as payment options for trades and peer-to-peer payments. These new platforms will be supported by Nauticus, Exchange, Mobile App and Wallet tokens. 

Nauticus exchange will provide high liquidity exchange with low transaction costs, allowing a million transactions every second.


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