Nodvix. 24-hour p2p broadcasting platform.

Nodvix is a self-regulating video content and online broadcasting platform that is resistant to censorship with its own internal economy.

NODVIX is a round-the-clock online broadcast of targeted video content for an unlimited number of users. Open self-regulating platform without censorship and other restrictions with a market of $ 1.7 trillion.

Nodvix represent a decentralized blockchain solution that will change the world of digital broadcasting. No restrictions for advertisers, content creators and viewers for freedom of speech and dissemination of information. Beneficial economic cooperation between all participants of the ecosystem.

NODVIX is a 24-hour broadcasting platform designed to display interesting and relevant video content specific to the user's interests. 

The company provides a decentralized blockchain-based solution with the potential to profoundly change the world of digital broadcasting for content creators, advertisers and viewers. The lack of KYC, government censorship, and ease of entry for new content makers creates unique conditions for real freedom of speech.

In today's world, consumers think about telecommunications in terms of both products and services. This global change in thinking has made subtle but significant changes in how we spend our free time and income as well as how we act, feel and


Initially, many believed that Internet censorship was impossible

since the Networks were, by design, built to withstand serious disruptions and just routes around any obstacle, including geographical. However, countries such as China, Iran,

Saudi Arabia and Singapore have found ways to use the design of their infrastructure network to make censorship possible, and more and more countries have begun to follow their leadership, including Nations known for their repressive regimes.


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