Platio. An innovative solution for the crypto world's main challenges.

Platio is an international fintech project headquartered in London and authorized in over 30 countries. The new smart Banking Ecosystem of Platio is an innovative solution for the main tasks of the crypto world. Thanks to ECO blockchain technology, the platform will offer secure all-in-one banking services for cryptocurrencies and Fiat, as well as brokerage services for stocks. Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem determined to create cryptonatica, widespread methods of payment. The technology will allow users to easily and intuitively switch between cryptographic and financial systems. Built-in Plato systems, such as AssetGuard and Smart Escrow, will increase confidence in crypto as an asset and lead to its global implementation. Platio has European licenses for crypto transactions and is an authorized payment institution.


Traditional banks are very selective in the services they provide to crypto users in their modern banking systems. Being fully compliant, regulated, and technologically advanced, Platio solves these problems with easy access to the Platio ecosystem using asset tokenization based on EOS technology and supports three types of assets: crypto, Fiat, and shares.

Platio will provide users with plastic and virtual payment cards issued by partnered international payments companies. It is inconvenient to keep a specific card for Bitcoin and another for Ethereum or for every other cryptocurrency asset. Platio intends to develop the Platio Ecosystem to allow all crypto assets held on the Platio Ecosystem to be easily converted into fiat currencies for transaction settlement using an integrated exchange. Users will only need to select the necessary asset and push the top-up button. Platio payment cards will support top-up both in cryptocurrency and fiat.

After a top-up of the Platio payment card, the user will be able to make payments at any merchant that accepts relevant payment cards. Through the Platio app users can seamlessly request, activate, suspend and top-up their chosen card.

Automatic exchange is one of the key features of the Platio ecosystem, helping users manage their highly volatile assets.

At the heart of this feature is a set of smart contracts that allows users to automatically exchange assets, protecting themselves from market volatility. This feature is similar to a stop loss or take profit order used in traditional stock markets. The automatic conversion of a certain number of cryptocurrencies or shares into Fiat, if the market value is determined by a predetermined point, allows the user to lock in and secure profits", ensures that losses are limited and allows purchases at the desired price.


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