POZESS is a decentralized model for a revolutionary social market platform that uses Blockchain technology to encourage users and connect sellers and buyers directly.

POZESS is a collaborative social platform between Shoppers, Merchants and Affiliates. POZESS is based on a simple concept, each participant is an Ambassador for their favorite online store. Users send images from the Internet and invite merchants to join POZESS. Activities on the platform such as promotions and referrals, increase value, increasing visibility to business and the speed of the token.


The monopolistic horizontal of existing markets gave consumers a false sense of choice and diversity, an extremely low barrier of trust and reliability. And the barrier of entry for merchants and sellers was extremely high. Complex listing processes,

fake reviews, high fees, and low margins coupled with the dead-grip of middlemen have made it impossible for small and medium businesses to survive, let alone thrive.

They needed a way to reduce upfront costs, establish trust, verify identity, have frictionless transactions with no middlemen and provide funds to attract consumers to participate in building a social community.

This led them to blockchain! POZESS introduces utility marker called PZS using the blockchain Protocol and smart contracts to create a reliable book of transactions and the integration of customers, vendors, partners, and affiliates in one ecosystem.         


Our mission:

- Reduce or eliminate transaction fraud

- Improved product visibility and equal opportunities for merchants to have their products found

- Share profits and sense of ownership to participants in order to create an ever expanding network.

- Reducing the complexity of the listing process and the provision of services that will help businesses achieve success

- Providing fun, engaging and entertaining platform.


The PZS sign acts as an incentive for participants and supports the creation of a POZESS community. The token can be used to purchase goods and services on the platform. The token reward system, combined with the utility of the token, allows consumers, affiliates and businesses to create a system of self-sustaining transactional values.


POZESS is the first of its kind online social marketplace built on blockchain that uses the power of photo and video sharing to connect excited buyers to businesses from all over the world. Community of users of POZESS post, share, send and buy luxury goods and products of modern design, empowering Internet users through discovery and curation. POZESS acts as a decentralized organic marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses, where consumers have the right to support the business they like and get rewarded. Blockchain technology makes the platform transparent, safe and maximally safe for all participants, reduce transaction and business costs while simplifying the purchase process. The use of cryptocurrency, international language and localization, and international shipping, add an element of global acceptance and make the market available internationally.


POZESS is a decentralized collaborative social platform between buyers, merchants and social media users. A simple concept drives POZESS. Each member is potentially an Ambassador for their favorite retailer. Users post images from the Internet and invite merchants to join POZESS. Activities under the platforms, such as likes, shares and referrals add additional value, improving visibility for the business and the speed of the marker. The PZS token acts as an incentive for members and affiliates to build a POZESS community. Coins can be used to purchase goods and services in platforms. The token reward system combined with the utility of the token enables consumers and businesses to create a self-sustaining transactional value system.


Official website: https://www.pozess.com/ico/

Whitepaper: https://www.pozess.com/ico/uploads/PozessWhitePaper.pdf

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