RedCab LLC is a company offering a peer-to-peer solution for individuals and businesses by decentralizing the entire process using blockchain technology. RedCab LLC is an advanced company with a futuristic business model in the transport world. Specialized research team (from technical aspects to business model) conducted a study of needs, assessment of market gaps and explore the potential with a focus on passenger experience and the needs of the driver. 

The company sees huge potential in the industry and growing demand in all capital cities with expected industry growth by 2030 to $ 285 billion. 

The goal of The redcab token sale is to transform the RedCab business model from a centralized application into a decentralized ecosystem that will allow access to the global market and reduce transportation costs for users. Saving more than $ 60 billion annually through intermediary enterprises, raising funds for RedCab infrastructure development and meeting the growing international demand for transport services around the world by developing a powerful scalable tool.


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