Regotoken. Powering the next generation blockchain based global real estate platform.

REGO is a global real estate platform available on Android, iOS and Web with registered agents, starting with the United States and will expand across Malaysia, Australia and other countries. With REGO, sellers can showcase their properties for free, agents can list property on the go, and buyers and tenants have access to more property than ever before. REGO reflects the belief of its founders that investors should be able to source with good returns. REGO is set to take advantage of the benefits of a network and founder-based and sourcing processes at below market prices that will be resold to major real estate investors from around the world.


The REGO platform will become a serious violator in the way of purchasing real estate. All purchases will be made using cryptocurrencies and tokens supported by smart contracts.


REGO solves the problems in the sales NEDVIZHIMOSTI, creating an innovative platform for real estate that simplifies purchasing through smart contracts if you are using tokens REGO (REGO) and connects sellers, buyers, renters and real estate agents, allowing them to participate in 217 trillion in assets


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